Marcelo began studying guitar in his childhood and continued as an autodidact during his adolescence. He later started classical guitar with maestro Claudio Morla, continuing his education in the National University of Rosario where he received the degree of Licenciado en Música Especialidad Guitarra under maestro Víctor Rodríguez. Simultaneously, he studied harmony and counterpoint with maestro Dante Grela and harmony applied to the guitar with Claudio Zemp.


He has written more than 130 works that include music for guitar (solos, duos, trios and quartets), duos of guitar with flute, clarinet and oboe, pieces for flute (as soloist and in ensembles), and songs. Chanterelle Publishing house (Germany) has published De raíz argentina y Homenaje a un carrero patagónico. In Argentina, Imaginario popular argentino and Temple del Diablo, Serie 1 have been printed. The remaining edited scores are available in digital format at the composer's website. His compositions have been recorded in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and the United States.


Marcelo has appeared as a soloist throughout the Argentine provinces, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and the United States, offering complementarily open lessons on forms and genres of Argentine music. He was a member of Escarbanda (piano, guitar and percussion), Los Khorus (guitar, charango*, quena and siku), El entrevero (two guitars) and Golondrinas Invernales (four guitars). Since 1992, he has been a member of Meridiano (flute and guitar). In 2014, he created Tallar el aire (trio of requinto, guitar and baritone guitar). He has recorded four CDs with his own music and participated in productions of other artists as invited musician, arranger, and artistic director.


Marcelo divides his time between art and teaching: He is professor of Latin American Music and Harmonic Guitar in School of Art 501 (San Nicolás, province of Buenos Aires), teaches Classical Guitar in the Univerisity of Rosario (where he is also in charge of The Acompanying Guitar workshop), and teaches Guitar and Harmony at his private studio.


* Charango: A small string instrument, with a soundbox made from an armadillo's shell. / Quena: Bamboo flute. /Siku: Andean pan flute.