"I was born in Buenos Aires in 1962 but left as a child and never returned to live there. Since 1980, I have lived in Rosario. Though I have played the guitar since I was six years old, I didn't do it with the intention of becoming a professional until I was twenty. I studied everything I could, at the university and with private teachers, adding these skills to the ones I intuitively grasped from childhood. That's how I became a musician. I have been a member of ensembles and played as a soloist; I have composed instrumental music, made arrangements, recorded discs, published books with my scores, gave lessons, and traveled with the guitar in tow. I continue doing all of this."

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La enésima lágrima
1. Sin paredes ni techo
2. Sin suelo ni tiempo


Guitar solo


Marcelo Coronel

(composer and performer)